Bass Classes

Here's just a few of the areas we can cover

  • Reading bass clef and bass tab
  • Amps and effects
  • Walking bass
  • Recording
  • Rhythm and timing
  • Music theory and the bass fretboard
  • Arpeggios and scales
  • Ear training and transcription
  • Classic bass riffs
  • Fingerstyle and playing with a pick
  • Technique – Hammer ons, Slapping etc
If required – We can also cover all the latest music technology and software (plug ins, synths etc.) More info on the FAQ page

Bass Lesson Classes Online for Beginners in Winsford

When it comes to learning bass guitar, there are several styles to choose from. We provide Bass Lessons for everyone, whether you merely want to learn to hold down the rhythm section or you want to study slap and pop funk bass.

We understand that not everyone has the same musical ambitions. Our tutors are competent in teaching rock, jazz, funk, metal, and Rock n Roll. Nick Studholme oversees our bass lesson modules. He takes a unique approach to one-on-one education, including a wide range of technology, and will steer you in the proper way.

You can now take one-on-one online classes in the comfort of your home with one of our experienced and patient teachers. Or face to face lessons here at Cheshire Guitar School.

Some of the bands and artists in the tuition library

John Paul Jones
Paul McCartney
John Entwistle
Cliff Burton
Jack Bruce
Steve Harris
Bootsy Collins
Roger Waters
Bernard Edwards
James Jamerson
Carol Kaye
Donald “Duck” Dunn
John Deacon

The Beatles
Foo Fighters
The Rolling Stones
Jimi Hendrix
Guns n Roses
Fleetwood Mac
The White Stripes
The Doors
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Jeff Buckley
The Smiths
Royal Blood

The Police
The Clash
Alter Bridge
Iron Maiden
Charles Mingus
Arctic Monkeys
Phil Lesh
Rage Against The Machine

And many more…..

Lesson information

Lesson Duration

60 minutes, 45 minutes and 30 minute sessions available

Online Lesson Info

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Lesson times and days



Lessons can be scheduled in regular weekly or fortnightly slots, or ad hoc if required.

Block Booking

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Rock, Funk, Classical, Jazz, Blues, Punk, Indie, Metal, Soul, Country, Rock n Roll.